Joy Frew for State Assembly District 75

Thank you for your votes, your door knocking, & support.


We didn’t win.  But I enjoyed trying.  Even though I won’t be in the State Assembly as an elected member, I will still be a concerned citizen/activist working on the important issues of climate change, health care, and infrastructure as I was before I ran for office.  I am still looking to make change.

Thanks to all who chose Joy, but unfortunately most people didn’t. I am gratified, even humbled, by all those who gave donations, held Meet and Greets, put up signs, made phone calls, posted on Facebook, sent me messages, canvassed and, of course, voted for me. During the campaign I met voters from El Cajon to Fallbrook, from Valley Center to Santee, plus spent quality time in Lakeside and Poway.  It was great to meet with voters in Scripps Ranch, La Mesa and Miramar. I made new friends in Bonsall, Romona and Julian. It was wonderful to see so much of East County. I do not plan to run again, but I look forward to visiting all these places again soon.  


I am concerned that affordable emergency health care is disappearing in our district; local hospitals have closed while urgent care clinics have limited hours.

Our district is taking the brunt of climate change, and nobody has been working on this.  Water is expensive, shade trees are disappearing, and our farmers are struggling.

For years I’ve been producing my own free newsletter ‘Common Sense’, battling censorship while reporting on local governance issues that are affecting our community.   You can subscribe to my free newsletter here:

The Fallbrook Climate Action Team, which I lead, is a San Diego County volunteer group which that seeks climate action at all levels.  Our team has actively promoted a regional Climate Action Plan that addresses the ongoing greenhouse gas emissions of a clogged transportation system and promotes affordable renewable energy.   You can read about us and register to attend our free Zoom presentations here:




Why I  was running

For too many years Assembly District 75 has been Republican held.  I’ve worked behind the scenes recruiting and helping other Democrats to run for this seat.  But we didn’t want it to be just be any Democrat.  It needed to be someone who deeply understands the issues, and wanted the job for the right reasons, to accomplish our ideals. I knew the electoral odds were against us in this electoral district.  But I was happy to try.

I was running, and still working, because Health Care and Climate Change have been getting stonewalled by our Assembly representative for too long.  We need a progressive in Sacramento who cares about health care and the environment, someone who knows and cares about these issues.

I did not need the job, and am not unhappy the political campaign is over.  I met many fine people who remain my friends and have good memories of the places we visited.

Thank you to everyone for your support.  I’ve returned to an active full schedule of volunteering with many community groups.  I will continue to use my knowledge and experience to work on health care, climate change, affordable housing, and a woman’s right to choose.



On March 5 2024, vote Joy Frew
for California State Assembly District 75