Elect Joy Frew for State Assembly AD75

Leadership. Trust. Experience.


This election is about health care, climate change, and infrastructure.  I am looking to make change.

I have a track record advocating for single payer health care. I’m not a go-along-to-get-along-politician.  We need change from the retiring incumbent who has stalled health care, ignored climate change, and maligned hard working immigrants.

I am the daughter of Dutch immigrants.  I was born in Holland.  My parents came to the United States seeking economic opportunity when I was a baby.  I grew up working in my parents small print shop until I came to Los Angeles as a young adult.  I worked my way through college.

I am concerned that affordable emergency health care is disappearing in our district; local hospitals have closed while urgent care clinics have limited hours.

Our district is taking the brunt of climate change, and nobody has been working on this.  Water is expensive, shade trees are disappearing, and our farmers are struggling.

I am the founder and leader of the Fallbrook Climate Action Team, a San Diego County volunteer group which seeks climate action at all levels.  Our team has actively promoted a regional Climate Action Plan that addresses the ongoing greenhouse gas emissions of a clogged transportation system and provides affordable renewable energy.

I have experience that counts. I am a retired federal employee with the Treasury Department, having previously worked for L.A. County and Washington.  In Sacramento, I will work on the issues that AD 75 cares about.

Activism has been my passion since I was a teenager.  I have worked on many campaigns and immersed myself in the issues.  I produce my own free newsletter, battling censorship while reporting on local governance issues that are affecting our community.

This race is crowded with marginally employed politicians who only seek the frills of elected office and hoping to land a steady job.

I am the best candidate in this race.    I know how government works.  My ideals are to serve and improve our district.  I am a professional who has already been working on these issues for years, volunteering my efforts.

Choose Joy!



Why I am running

Our Assembly District needs to have a representative who truly cares about the community.  Someone who understands the issues, and is ready for the campaign that is needed.  I know the challenges ahead.

I am running because health care and climate change have been getting stonewalled by our incumbent Assembly person for too long.  We need a progressive who cares about women and the environment, someone who actually has a plan to win in November.  Choose Joy.

I do not need this job.  I have an active full schedule volunteering with many community and political groups, but I am coming out of retirement to serve Californians and our district.  I will use my knowledge and my government experience to work on health care, climate change, affordable housing, and a woman’s right to choose.

I understand these issues intimately, and I know the work that needs to be done.  I am ready to discuss the issues with the other candidates.  I will make you proud in Sacramento.


On March 5 2024, vote for Joy Frew for State Assembly AD75